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Mix Engineer Scott HortonAttention recording artists, producers, bands, and songwriters: I'm mix engineer, Scott Horton, and together we'll create world class mixes that surpass that initial "sound in your head," sound great on radio, hi-fi's and in the club. Your music will reach your fans with music that brings emotion, impact, and fidelity to your songs.

Imagine hearing your song on the radio as you're driving home, creating a rush of fans on the dance floor in your favorite club, and racking up millions of views on your YouTube page. Having that polished sound where everything sounds as good as the artists you've loved and listened to for years is possible with an outstanding mix.

Sounds great doesn't it? Having a professional mix engineer mix your music to sound its absolute BEST is one of the MOST IMPORTANT investments in your music career that you can make.

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  • Record Your Tracks

    Record you tracks in the DAW of your choice attempting to achieve the best recording quality and to capture exceptional performances with your mike within your given budget and timeline. Whether you're in a Hollywood professional studio or in your home - either way, I can mix it.

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  • Upload Session Files

    Prepare your files according to the guidelines and upload the session for mixing. Along with your Paypal payment and files, you will have the opportunity to convey your preferences, influences, submit reference material and notes to the engineer with your order form.

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  • Mixing

    I will proceed to mix your track, taking influence from your notes and applying my musical intuition to the project. In addition to setting proper levels and tone, the process may involve some editing, tuning, drum sample replacement, and the addition of special effects etc...The goal in the process is to mold the sonics of the track to best convey the emotion of the song to your fans and listeners.

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  • Listen and Revise

    When the first mix is complete, I will send the mix to you for approval and to gather your thoughts and feedback on the mix. I offer two weeks of unlimited revisions, so rest assured, you'll be able to make any changes you would like to the mix. Once the revisions are completed, alternate mixes will be rendered for your archives and the track will be finalized in mastering.

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8 Facts About Virtual Mix Engineer You Should Know

Recording artists, producers, singer-songwriters, indie-major labels, and managers come to me when they are serious about reaching more fans and releasing better sounding music.
I want to get more fans

My years of experience as a mix engineer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and engineer allows me to apply these diverse skills to your music. Educated by the best at Berklee College of Music and experienced mixing in a wide array of genres, no matter the type of music, I'm here to help. The names Scott, nice to meet you. Let's talk.
I want to know more

You want your records to sound their best and reach their full potential - right? I start mixing by intensely understanding your artistic and sonic goals, providing detailed editing, processing, and of course by mixing the track to elicit an emotional response in your fans.
Make my music sound awesome!

Experience, education, and musical intuition are the most important qualities I bring to your tracks. In addition to that, having access to processors and knowing HOW and WHEN to use them is vital. My mixes are all inclusive and include everything you need to sound your best.
I want to sound my best

It doesn't matter where I am - this is Virtual Mixing after all :) I have clients from countries all over the world. Whether you don't have access to a quality local engineer or are just seeking a specific style of mix, I can help you get there - from anywhere. A Texas native, I'm now located in Prague, Czech Republic.
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It's not uncommon to want to approach your music with a do-it-yourself mentally; in fact, I started out this way too. However, allowing an experienced engineer to mix your tracks will bring your music to a level you might not have thought possible. Each engineer has a unique take on a production and may bring something unexpectedly awesome to your track. Of course ensuring that your music sounds excellent on a variety of playback systems is no easy feat to accomplish alone.
Mix mix record

Your budget is limited and your deadlines are tight...I completely understand! My mixing service is affordable for even independent artists because everyone deserves a good mix. If you're serious (and I think you are) about your music career, opening up more doors in the music industry, and gaining more dedicated listeners - it's 100% worth the small investment.
I believe in my music

Once you've decided, "I want Scott to mix my record" - I'm ready when you are! The online mixing process is outlined below. Follow the session preparation instructions, send your payment, pre-mix questionnaire, and upload your session files and we'll be mixing in no time. What are you waiting for?
Let's start mixing!

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