Top Mix Engineers

Top Mix Engineers

To the average listener, mixing and mastering is an art that often goes unnoticed (especially if done well). However, amongst the audio engineering community, the top mix engineers in the world inspire, educated, and innovate in the world of mixing and help craft and define the signature sounds of famous artists.

I’ve compiled a list of the most searched for artists and their most prominent corresponding mixers. Each engineer is revered for their signature sound, creative techniques, and ability to bring out the best in an artist’s song.

Many great interviews and tips can be found at Sound On Sound’s Secrets of the Mix Engineers series.

Best mixing engineers for hip hop:

The Weeknd mix engineer: Manny Marroquin or Serban Ghenea

Rap mixing engineer

Drake mix engineer: Noel Campbell

Best rock mixing engineers

Nickelback mixing engineer: Randy Staub

Green Day mix engineer: Chris Lord-Alge

Best RnB mixing engineer

Daft Punk mix engineer: Mick Guzauski

Best Pop mix engineer

Katy Perry mixing engineer: Serban Ghenea

24k Magic  mixing engineer: Serban Ghenea

Justin Bieber mixing engineer: Jaycen Joshua, Phil Tan

Best country mix engineer

Taylor Swift mixing engineer: Justin Niebank

House music mixing engineer

David Guetta mix engineer: Luca Pretolesi

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Top Mix Engineers
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Top Mix Engineers
A list of the most sought after music mixing engineers and the most famous artist for whose signature sound they helped define.
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