How to Mix Vintage Vocals
There’s no denying that retro and vintage style tracks and production styles have been making a comeback in modern productions. Motown-esque RnB and funk ala Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse and [...]
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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Presets (And 3 Why You Should)
Nearly every plug-in used in mixing and mastering nowadays comes with a hefty list of included presets for nearly every use imaginable. Presets can be both a blessing and a [...]
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My Favorite Delay Plug-ins
Delays are an effect that is essential to modern mixing. Whether it is used subtly to give the vocal a sense of depth and space or used overtly as a [...]
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How to Process Rhodes and E-Pianos in the Mix
Rhodes and other E-Piano sounds usually are not the focus of a mix, but rather play an important role acting as a pad with supporting chords and help fill up the [...]
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Home Studio Tips on Musician’s Friend
Many of you are all too familiar with the challenges, rewards, and workarounds that come with home recording. Can a great record be made at home? ABSOLUTELY 100%! However, prioritizing, [...]
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Avoid These Pitfalls During the Mix Revision Process
How to give effective mix notes Mix revisions are necessary step that all mixes throughout history have gone through. The essential communication link between the mixing engineer and the artist.
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Why the Waves H-EQ is…Awesome
Waves H-EQ (Hybrid Equalizer) is one of my favorite equalizers on the market due to it truly being a…hyrbid. Classic EQ curves and harmonic distortion  are combined with modern EQ [...]
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