Need help mixing rap vocals? Looking for a Hip-Hop mixing engineer? Look no further!

I get it, you’re wondering how to mix rap vocals, but the struggle is real. I’m here to make your life easier – allowing you to focus on making dope hip-hop. Leave the mixing and mastering to me.

If you’re looking for the best hip-hop mixing engineers in the style of Phil Tan, Jaycen Joshua, and Manny Marroquin and you dig Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Gucci Maine, Kenrick Lamar, and Bryson Tiller,  get in touch! I’ll help you affordably get your mixtape or single sounding great and released to the world.

Benefits included with all VME mixes:

    • Superb mix processing to serve the song and production such as levels, automation, panning, EQ, compression, limiting, reverb, delays and so on…Read more about my mixing process on the Services page.
    • FREE ($99) Vocal Tuning and In-House Mastering
    • Friendly service and frequent communication
    • Alternate mixes (A Capella, Live, Instrumental)
    • Mixes are completed by myself (no assistants or interns)
    • Revisions
    • An unbiased, unique, and thoughtful take on your music. I’m here to make the best of your musical release and to bring the ‘sound in your head’  to reality
Virtual Mix Engineer