Home Studio Tips on Musician’s Friend

Home Studio Tips on Musician’s Friend

Many of you are all too familiar with the challenges, rewards, and workarounds that come with home recording. Can a great record be made at home? ABSOLUTELY 100%! However, prioritizing, planning, technique, and selection all have big impact on the final result.

I was recently interviewed in a great article featured on The Hub – Musician’s Friend’s blog. In the article you can learn what other artists are doing to create music in a home environment from what gear they use, when they drop some money on a product or service, and what tricks they use at home.

As you know, I love gear and plug-ins, but continue to view these as tools of the trade. I re-iterate time and again and the key to home recording – or any recording for that matter is starting with a good song and performance. No, these don’t cost money, but take time and devotion to get right. Once you’ve got your song crafted and performance down – then start the recording process.

A decent interface is a must as is insuring proper gain staging (avoid clipping!). DI’ing guitars and bass will work fine if your amp sounds are limited. The hardest instrument tracking live? DRUMS. You may have to book some time in a bigger studio to track drums properly with multiple mic inputs and a decent sounding room. It will make a drastic difference. Or – if you don’t play drums, I’ve seen plenty of online session players who can play to your track and help you avoid any artificial programmed drum sounds (unless that’s what the track needs).  A decent vocal mic that fits your voice is ideal as is recording in a dead room where the mic won’t capture room reflections. VSTi’s and a MIDI keyboard can allow you to turn a keyboard performance into virtually any instrument imaginable and often are the spark of creativity themselves.

As with all things, gear alone won’t change your sound near as much as knowledge will. Knowing mic technique, song structure, signal flow, and your processors in-and-out will take you further than any one piece of gear could.

Of course, once you’ve got your song tracked and recorded, I’ll be ready to bring your music to the next level come mix time. Get in touch and share your music with me.



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Of Monitors and Mics: Creating a Great Home Recording Studio
Article Name
Of Monitors and Mics: Creating a Great Home Recording Studio
Article and interview with home recording musicians and producers speaking of gear and techniques used for creating music at home.

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