Cómo SU música se beneficiará del Masterizado y Mezclado En Línea
Si existiera una forma fácil y accesible de hacer que su música suene tan bien como la de sus artistas favoritos, ¿lo haría?
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Jaký přínos bude mít VAŠE hudba z Online Mixing a Mastering
Pokud by existoval snadný a levný způsob, jak docílit toho že bude vaše hudba znít tak dobře jako od vašeho oblíbeného interpreta, využili byste ho?   Právě jste googlovali “online [...]
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Online Mastering Sample Comparisons
With so many mastering engineers offering their services online, a client and I set out to most appropriate engineer for her material. We received 7 mastering samples from 7 different [...]
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Now You Can Accept Credit Cards at Gigs Too
Society (including your fans) has been heading towards becoming more and more cashless. While no ones banning you from accepting cash, you would be alienating a large portion of concert [...]
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Let’s Talk About Google+ for Musicians
You would be hard pressed to NOT have heard of Google+, the newest social networking and sharing tool from Google which after one month of existence boasts around 18 million [...]
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Little Known Tactics for Greater Touring Profits
For many independent artists organizing do-it-yourself tours, a common question  is, “how can we make more money on tour?” One of the simplest methods: by spending less. Here are some [...]
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Mixing Vocals Using Compressor Sends
After watching the latest episode of Pensado’s Place, the interview with Michael Brauer inspired me to try out some new vocal compression techniques. I implemented Michael’s multi-buss compression technique a [...]
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Preparing an Online Mix: Order of Operations
In math, if you complete an equation in the wrong order of operations, the end result will be far from accurate. In the mixing realm, session preparation will make your [...]
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Ways to Save Money Releasing and Independent Album
Everyone is aware that money is not to be made off recorded music these days. Instead, recorded music serves to promote the band’s live shows and merchandise. If your band [...]
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