How to Process Rhodes and E-Pianos in the Mix
Rhodes and other E-Piano sounds usually are not the focus of a mix, but rather play an important role acting as a pad with supporting chords and help fill up the [...]
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Home Studio Tips on Musician’s Friend
Many of you are all too familiar with the challenges, rewards, and workarounds that come with home recording. Can a great record be made at home? ABSOLUTELY 100%! However, prioritizing, [...]
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What’s On My Mix Buss?
Mix buss processing must be done tastefully and subtly since any plug-in placed on your master fader is essentially touching every track in your mix. However, it is also where [...]
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Jaký přínos bude mít VAŠE hudba z Online Mixing a Mastering
Pokud by existoval snadný a levný způsob, jak docílit toho že bude vaše hudba znít tak dobře jako od vašeho oblíbeného interpreta, využili byste ho?   Právě jste googlovali “online [...]
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Tools of the Trade | The UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Mastering compressors are the elite bunch of compressors that have the task of transparently and musically taming dynamics of an entire mix, while sometimes being sought after for a specific [...]
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Mixing a Great Acoustic Guitar Tone
Processing of acoustic guitars (as with any instrument) will depend on its role in a song. Whether you’re after a ‘ticky’ strummed sound, or a natural, open round sound. With [...]
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LA-2A Compressor Plug-in Comparison
I recently made a video comparing six different LA-2A compressor modeled plug-ins to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each and to hear more distinctly each plug-in’s unique compression characteristics. [...]
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Avoid These Pitfalls During the Mix Revision Process
How to give effective mix notes Mix revisions are necessary step that all mixes throughout history have gone through. The essential communication link between the mixing engineer and the artist.
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Mastering Options
Mastering: the essential, last creative stage in the production of an audio recording. The experienced engineers have a very specific set of high-quality, analog equipment, and finely tuned rooms for [...]
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Why the Waves H-EQ is…Awesome
Waves H-EQ (Hybrid Equalizer) is one of my favorite equalizers on the market due to it truly being a…hyrbid. Classic EQ curves and harmonic distortion  are combined with modern EQ [...]
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