How and When to Use Mix Bus EQ
Strapping an EQ across your mix bus is a delicate matter? Why? Because it is as if the EQ was applied to each individual track in the mix. Yet when [...]
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How to Do Parallel Compression
You may have heard of mixing engineers talk about using parallel processing, and for good reason…it rocks! So what is parallel compression? Simply the mixing of the dry (uncompressed) signal [...]
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Can You Trust Your Speakers? How to Setup Studio Monitors
Ever wonder why your mix sucks compared to other commercially released tracks when played on different systems? The most likely culprit….your monitors. Mixing without trusting your monitors is akin to [...]
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How to Mix Vintage Vocals
There’s no denying that retro and vintage style tracks and production styles have been making a comeback in modern productions. Motown-esque RnB and funk ala Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse and [...]
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Is McDSP 6030 the Best Compressor Plugin?
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel that we mix engineers have more than enough compressor emulation plug-ins to choose from. When a new one comes out, it [...]
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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Presets (And 3 Why You Should)
Nearly every plug-in used in mixing and mastering nowadays comes with a hefty list of included presets for nearly every use imaginable. Presets can be both a blessing and a [...]
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My Favorite Delay Plug-ins
Delays are an effect that is essential to modern mixing. Whether it is used subtly to give the vocal a sense of depth and space or used overtly as a [...]
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Getting Vocals to Cut Through Guitars
Distorted electric guitars and lead vocals often take up energy in the same frequency spectrum. This poses a problem. We still want the guitars to sound crunchy and present, but [...]
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Tricks to Make Your Chorus POP in the Mix
No, I’m not talking about making your chorus into a Pop song – I’m talking about getting your chorus to explode from the speakers in a way that tells the [...]
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Cómo SU música se beneficiará del Masterizado y Mezclado En Línea
Si existiera una forma fácil y accesible de hacer que su música suene tan bien como la de sus artistas favoritos, ¿lo haría?
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