Online Mixing Now Includes Analog Dimension Mastering

Mastering: the essential, last creative stage in the production of an audio recording. The experienced engineers have a very specific set of high-quality, analog equipment, and finely tuned rooms for treating audio.

Why has VME partnered with a mastering studio?

I love it when I am able to pass along my mixes to a great mastering engineer – the mix wins=the artist wins. The mix ultimately benefits from another set of ears, different gear, and a special take on the song. The artist’s and my own goal for each song is to allow it to reach its maximum potential, which in most cases includes sending it off for proper mastering by a dedicated mastering facility.


Why Analog Dimension Mastering?

There are literally hundreds of online mastering studios able to be found with a simple search. After searching for a while, I choose to refer my clients to Analog Dimension for the following reasons:

1. High quality mastering at an affordable rate.

Almost all artists are on a tight budget, so finding a  mastering facility with affordable rates was extremely important.

2. Great gear and excellent engineers.

A finely tuned room and great, analog gear is an integral part of a mastering studio. Of course gear is only as good as the engineer, but in this case their quality is matched.

3. Ease of communication, revision policy, and turn around time.

I  like to be able to freely communicate with the engineer about what it is the artist is after, and to be able to make changes to the master if needed at no extra cost. This is a facility that is in demand, yet does not have a long waiting list which allows the artist to receive their masters in a timely manner.

How does this affect Virtual Mix Engineer clients?

Understandably this will raise the price of the The Wall to Wall Mix due to the fact that these engineers deserve to be compensated for a job well done. As a repeat customer, they are able to offer me a slight discount which I pass onto my clients.

The mix process will be slightly altered as well being that all changes to the mix must will be based upon the “pre-mastered” mix, and the approved final mix will then be forwarded to mastering.

For those unable to find it within their budget to send their mixes to a dedicated mastering facility, there will be alternate pricing available which will include in-house mastering at no extra charge.

I believe this will is a great value and service to offer to online mixing clients and believe that our collaborative creative efforts will be positively impact musical productions.

Listen to the  mastering samples below:

Mastering Examples by VirtualMixEngineer

Visit Analog Dimension’s site for more information on their service.