Virtual Mix Engineer’s Views on Pricing Policy

Searching for a mixing or mastering engineer is daunting task which involves thoroughly reviewing the engineer’s sample mixes, background, equipment, tastes, etc…

Not Surprisingly, according to my Google Analytics,  Pricing’  is the most visited page (after the home page). Clients are seeking a great mix, but of course have to know exactly how much money achieving this mix will cost.

I believe in simple, upfront pricing which leaves no question in the client’s mind concerning the total cost of their mixing project.


I do this for a number of reasons:

  •  Customers value the ability to visit a site and quickly find and understand the services pricing. With this information, one can quickly record and compare data between similar services.
  •  I don’t believe in using the  “contact us for a quote” approach. It may take days to receive a quote and customers often prefer to refrain from discussing terms until they have organized their choices.
  •  I have noticed that many engineers offer ‘Major’ and ‘Indie’ prices while stating that both services provide the exact same quality! I personally do not believe it is fair to charge more purely because the client’s budget is larger. Remember, the band will have to pay their entire recording advance out of their royalties, so saving money in the budget for living expenses can be huge! ‘Major’ or ‘Indie,’ you’re paying out of pocket.
  • Besides offering my Mini Mix service, I do not tack on charges based on track count merely for the reason that many times a track may simply be one sound effect, or eight tracks of group vocals to add thickness. The client should not be charged extra for this.
  • I do not charge for extra services such as vocal tuning, and drum sample replacement. You are hiring me to make your song sound its best – which may or may not include rendering these services. Again, clients do not need to be adding or avoiding services for monetary reasons, they need to be concerned about the final result.
  • I do not charge by the hour. Charing by the hour again forces the client into a penny pinching situation where they may avoid revisions, or want the engineer to work fast. Mixing can be accomplished quickly or slowly, but many times creative experimentation and incubating are just what a mix needs.

My Rates:

Mixing prices vary greatly  and all factor in the engineer’s clout, gear, experience, work place, city, and much more. I have done all in my power to keep a relatively simple setup, in a simple location without steep overhead costs so that artists can receive a quality mix while I get to do what I love to do everyday :) I recognize that I am young and may not have 20 years of experience and 9 platinum records, but I also acknowledge that  I have a gift and ability to bring out the best in a multitude of genres. Word of mouth takes time to build, and as the demand for my services goes up, my fee will riseOn this musical/sonic journey, I’m looking forward to working with and building great relationships with many talented artists like yourself.

I hope this presents some insight into my open and simple pricing and that you feel comfortable ordering a mix from Virtual Mix Engineer.