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Virtual Mix Engineer Pricing

Gold Record Mixing

If you’re ready to make the most important investment in the way your music sounds  – order a mix now.




Benefits included with all VME mixes:

  • Superb mix processing to serve the song and production such as levels, automation, panning, EQ, compression, limiting, reverb, delays and so on…Read more about my mixing process on the Services page.
  • FREE ($99) Vocal Tuning and In-House Mastering
  • Friendly service and frequent communication
  • Alternate mixes (A Capella, Live, Instrumental)
  • Mixes are completed by myself (no assistants or interns)
  • 2 Weeks of reasonable revisions
  • An unbiased, unique, and thoughtful take on your music. I’m here to make the best of your musical release and to bring the ‘sound in your head’  to reality
  • Online Mixing Guarantee



Mix Rates:

Rates are on a fixed per-song basis and come with all the extras you see above. This mean no unexpected surprises. My fee is dependent on the amount of work needed to bring the track to its fullest potential and therefore, I’d love to hear more from YOU about your music. Fill me in on the details of your music and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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Rates vary based on track count, amount of editing required, rush service, tuning requirements, drum replacement, timing correction, timeline, release plans, label support etc… To save everyone time, rates range from only $115 for very low track count projects (typically pre-mixed instrumentals with vocals on top – perfect for independent hip-hop artists), $225-400 for typical tracks, and $500+(very complex pop projects with hundreds of tracks and/or major label releases).


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  • Quick Turnaround | Specially Crafted Mix
  • Revisions, Alternate Mixes,  and In-House Mastering INCLUDED!

A discount may be provided for EP and Album projects when paid upfront.
*Unlimited Revisions for a term of Two Weeks (14 Days) following date of delivery of first mix.

It is generally recommended and accepted practice to use a separate mastering engineer following the mix process to add one more set of ears and gear to the project. However, in-house mastering will always be provided at no additional charge.