Online Mixing FAQs

Find the answers to some commonly asked questions below. Still have a question? Get in touch…

Q: Why should I hire an outside mixer? Can’t I mix the project myself on my computer?

A: Of course you are welcome to mix the project on your own, although if you will be presenting the music to other people for commercial purposes you might want to take many factors into consideration including your ears and experience, creativity, room treatment, proper knowledge of sound theory, and the availability of high quality tools available to you to get the job done right. Plus, you would be surprised at how refreshing it can be to have an outside ear work on your music. If you do decide to go this route, get in touch and I’ll help point you in the right direction.

Q: Can you make me sound like (insert artist here…)?

A: I encourage you to provide the name of a song and artist that capture the sound they are after on your own project. However, no one like a copycat, and the world will appreciate a uniqueness in your sound. I strive to find a nice middleground. Describing a unqiue combination of sounds such as “Britney Spears meets The Killers” can produce interesting results.

Q: What styles of music do you mix?

A: The great thing about mixing is the variety of music I get to hear and work with on a daily basis. All styles of music can benefit from Virtual Mix Engineer from Pop, Rock, Dance, Jazz, Country, Hip-Hop etc. If I had to pick a speciality, I would say Pop is my forte. Sometimes having an expert in a genre mix your track makes total sense, while other times, branching out to an engineer who comes from a different background might bring something completely new to your project. Sometimes its nice to try one song with an engineer first and see how it goes.

Q: Do you provide Auto-Tune?

A: Simply, yes! I also use other tuning programs such as Melodyne. You can choose to have an over the top effect such as T-Pain or Cher, or keep the tuning top secret and unnoticeable so that only you and I know the truth. To be honest, there are not many songs in production these days without some sort of tuning on them.

Q: My Recording quality is less than ideal…should we still proceed with mixing?

A: Sometimes audio magic can be accomplished easily, other times it can be tough. I am able to remove background noises, bad frequencies, and provide many other special touches that can make the source sound better, although it is often better to re-record any trouble sections to ensure the best end result. Mixing will bring your recording to its fullest potential, however, if its fullest potential is a composite of songwriting, arrangment, production, and recording. See The Hierarchy of Reaching Full Potential in Record Production for more information.

Q: Explain  drum  replacement.

A: Sample triggering is the simple process of replacing (or just layering) drum sounds over the existing ones. This allows you to replace that $50 snare you recorded in your bedroom with a legendary snare recorded in great studio with the best gear. I have a large library of samples including Steven Slate and Bob Clearmountain. I usually try not to completely replace sounds, but find that complimenting the original sound with the samples provides unique and powerful results.

Q: We have a low budget. Do you offer any discounts or spec deals?

A: This online mixing service is made to be very affordable to independent artists. I do offer a discount of 15% for albums of 10 or more songs and a 7% discount on EP orders of 5 or more songs. The Mini Mix is also a great option for low track count (less than 10 tracks) productions  and is suitable for mixtapes, demos, singer-songwriter material.  As for alternate or spec deals, it is extremely rare that I will accept work under these conditions, but is possible for extremely promising artists with proper management. If you are still struggling, contact me and we will discuss your situation.

Q: What is your typical turnaround time?

A: I generally mix in the order received. I may have the initial mix ready for you to listen to within a matter of days, or it may be longer (1-2 weeks). While working on albums or EPs we will keep revising previous mixes while continuing to work on new songs. The number of revisions required be a determining factor. I tend to be very quick with revisions and to not prolong the process. If time is a matter of concern, please contact me and I will fill you in on how much time I estimate your project will take and when I will be able to accommodate you.

Q: What files can I expect to receive at the end of the process?

A: The Across the Board Mixes come with the option to have the Instrumental, TV (No Lead Vocal), A Cappella, Unmastered, MP3, and Mastered versions of the mix delivered at no extra charge. If you have a special request, I can probably accommodate this as well. It is NOT possible to provide session files or individual stem tracks. Your paying me to mix after all…not to process files :)

Q: Where are you located? Can I attend the mixing session?

A: I’m located in Prague, Czech Republic. Unfortunately, I do not offer the option of attended sessions as this would drastically increase costs and impact work flow. For some artists, attended sessions make sense, so it may be worth it for you to seek out a local studio for you to mix in. For many others, the concept of virtual mixing is ideal and produces excellent results for all involved. Though I may not be a Los Angeles Mix Engineer or in Mixer in New York, I can get the job done just as well.

Q: Can I hire you to produce my project?

A: My main gig these days is mixing, but I am always open to being involved with gifted artists through songwriting, production, business etc… In the case of production, I would need to relocate to your location for the term of the process. If I can’t provide a service, I will gladly refer you to someone I believe can be of the greatest assistance.