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Scott Horton - | Online Mix Engineer Scott Horton is the definition of today’s cutting edge mixer/engineer/producer- an accomplished musician and songwriter himself, who graduated Summa Cum Laude from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. He has studied mixing under Richard Mendelson (Boston, The New Kids On The Block) and Alejandro Rodriguez (Mariah Carrey, Afro-Cuban All Stars, Silvio Rodriguez), mastering with Jonathan Wyner (Aerosmith, Chicago, Miles Davis). Scott has worked with hundreds of artists ranging from Pop, RnB, Hip-Hop, Folk, Pop-Rock, and Rock including artists such as Parichay, Necro, Coyote Kisses, Madia, Pastel, Merk & Kremont, Slaine, Ill Bill and more.

His background with EMI and his experience in A&R have contributed to his welding of business and music.  Additionally, his songs and productions can be heard on various television networks including The CW, NFL on CBS, Bravo, TruTV and Disney. Now, Scott focuses on helping both signed and independent artists, bands, producers and songwriters achieve an exemplary mix, no matter where they recorded or how modest their budget. Scott understands music technology and how it is producing incredible results for world-renowned artists- and can produce those same results for you! The secret?

“It’s not the technology,” Scott explains. “It’s putting the technology into the hands of someone with the skills, ears, experience, and creativity as I have developed over the years.”

Let’s face it, one thing you’ll discover when browsing mixing and mastering services is that  musicians make the best engineers. It is vital to understand the music as well as the technical aspects of audio to fully excel in mixing. Employing a wide range of high quality plug-ins, Scott delivers unparalleled mixes to his demanding clientèle.

Scott caters to international clientèle that seek him out both for his engineering expertise, as well as his creative input and musical taste. Scott is a member of the Audio Engineering society (AES) and the Recording Academy (Grammy).

Go ahead and read some interviews with me. All of the greatest techniques in the world are useless without having the ear, creativity and musicianship of a Scott Horton to bring out the best in an artist’s work. You’ve invested your talent, hard work, time and money into getting your music this far. Now, let Scott Horton make your mix a final product that best showcases your musical endeavors.

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Mixes are completed in-the-box as it allows me to achieve excellent results while also offering unlimited revisions due to the ease of recalls. Digital technology is producing great results for ‘big time’ artists, and for me, its benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks of analog. When you order my service, you are paying for my skills, ears, experience, and creativity because these are the qualities that will ultimately serve your music most effectively.I implement a great selection of high quality plug-ins from top developers such as UAD, Waves, Softube, McDSP, FabFilter, Plugin Alliance and more,  which I use for corrective or creative purposes. Knowing when to use, when not to use, and what tool to use to properly convey a piece of music is a large part of my role. I recognize that ‘analog vibe’ can play an important role in the sound of some styles of music. Though I may not have an SSL, Neve, API, or Helios console, I do turn to analog emulations of compressors, eq’s, consoles, and tape to color the sound whilst still reaping the benefits of working digitally. I possess digital and convolution reverbs with impulse responses from many of the world class reverb units and have a wide range of drum samples, amp simulators, stereo enhancers, and effect processors to be judiciously added to recordings. Mixes are checked on various speaker systems to ensure that the music translates properly to your listeners whether in a home theater, a car, or through their iPod headphones. I prefer to receive files as noted on the Session Preparation page.

Monitoring Chain:

Forssell MDAC Converter

Forssell MDAC Converter

Monitor Controller Kush Audio

Kush Audio Monitor Controller

Pelonis 4288 Studio Monitors

Pelonis 4288 Studio Monitors

HD800 Studio Headphones

Sennheiser HD800 Headphones

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